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Samurai Cut

Damascus Steel allows the blade to be honed to a sharp, resilient edge.  It also prolongs the knives' edge retention, helping them stay sharp longer than the mono steel counterparts, so you can effortlessly dice, mince, and cut fruits, vegetables, and boneless meat for a longer period of time without having to sharpen it.

Unique Blade Patterns

Damascus Steel is a mixture of multiple types of steels that provides a tougher blade, resistant to shattering.  

How To Recognize Real Damascus Steel

How To Recognize Real Damascus Steel From the laser-cut pattern imitations?
Laser-cut patterns can be blurred away with sand paper.
Real Damascus Steel will not lose its pattern when you sharpen it. 
Damascus Steel has a hardness of over 60 HRC,
whereas an imitation of Damascus Steel will be under  58 HRC.

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